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Max and the watermelon

I wanted to post this in reply to another blogger’s post (that would be BiteyDog 🙂 ) but I couldn’t figure out how to do that, so here you go: My Max was a therapy dog, and one of our … Continue reading

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Dear Maverick

You came into my life when I was one hot mess, my heart was shattered into a million (at least) pieces, painful shards of memories stabbed me every moment, tears were constant, laughter and joy were foreign concepts. From the … Continue reading

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In the blink of an eye

a year went by Last year, I was so deeply mourning Max, so lost in grief that I thought I’d never smile again. And a few miles down the road, you were being born. A little red ball of fur, … Continue reading

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Looking back and looking forward

A year ago, I was sleeping on the sofa, sleeping on the floor beside Max, barely sleeping, listening to him breathe, praying for one more week, one more day, one more ride in the car, one more Golden smile, one … Continue reading

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It’s been almost a year, and every minute that brings me closer to that anniversary is a minute filled with shards of glass in my heart. I knew, from the moment I heard that horrible word, “hemangiosarcoma,” that my life … Continue reading

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Today I went to the dentist for the seemingly umptee-twelfth time (that was my mother’s expression, by the way) and he ground off a bit of the troublesome tooth, then ground off a bit more and a bit more. I … Continue reading

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Snow in March

A year ago, it snowed in March. It snowed today, more than it did last year Maverick loves it. Max loved it, too. I hate snow. I see little beauty in it, it takes a minute to become all brown … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m a drama queen. And I’m better at it than most, so trying to draw me into your drama won’t work because I’m gonna make some drama of my own that will out-drama anything your little peewee brain can … Continue reading

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A year ago

You told us you didn’t feel well, that something was wrong, that you were tired and just couldn’t get up. I knew, in my heart, that time was short. I knew you would soon be leaving us. I wouldn’t allow … Continue reading

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For the love of a dog

Today was a tough day.   One of my favorite dogs is going to the Bridge on Thursday, having been diagnosed with the same dread disease that took Max, and having no chance of surviving surgery and treatment, his mom has … Continue reading

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