Today I went to the dentist for the seemingly umptee-twelfth time (that was my mother’s expression, by the way) and he ground off a bit of the troublesome tooth, then ground off a bit more and a bit more. I asked if this would hurt and he said, “it shouldn’t.” I told him if it did, I would scream. He nodded sagely and said, “I know.” He’s a very young man, so when he tries to look all professional and stuff, it makes me giggle quietly. I said, “and then I’ll punch you.” He said, “I KNOW!” and that made everyone laugh.

I didn’t have to scream or punch him. I’m very happy about that because he really is a very nice guy, and not bad to look at, either. That’s not a bad thing when someone is rooting around in your mouth and causing pain, by the way.

The tooth – “the tooth which shall be ripped from my mouth should it give me any more grief” – seems to be better. Apparently the bite was a bit whacked. That will make a person cranky. I have to baby it awhile, which means even more scrambled eggs for lunch and soup for supper. Or spaghetti, which is nicely soft and tasty as well.

Maverick – is beginning to show signs of maturing. I found myself thinking tonight that it’s been ages since he tried to eat the cord to the toaster oven, the one my husband likes to let dangle off the counter. He doesn’t fight me to go in his crate at bedtime anymore. We’ve established a bit of a routine – we play, then we train, then we play a little and he’ll nap for a bit. Then more training, and more play and a longer nap. So far, so good. We’re working on impulse control and focus – and he’s so smart – we’re using the “if he does 5 in a row, make it harder” rule. And we start classes next week. I may survive this puppy stuff after all.

Missing Max – it’s been almost a year. I can’t help it, when I look into the woods, I still see him lying there the night he pulled Mark into the trees and wouldn’t get up. I knew then he wanted to die. I see him in the field – running free and having absolutely no recall so it was always a frantic run to the car for me to chase him down before he got to the road. (This is why Maverick is still on leash!) I miss him every minute. I think I will miss him every minute until the day I see him again. I talk to him – I tell him about Maverick. He reminds me that he, too, was hell on wheels for a few years.

And tonight I told Maverick the story of Maverick and Mommah, and how he came into our lives, and I almost didn’t cry. Progress.

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