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So maybe we got lucky

The monster boy is almost back to himself.   He’s eating and playing and running around the field.    The vet said the incision healed well, his blood count is almost where it should be for perfection, everything looks good. I’m … Continue reading

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Many things

A couple of years ago, I was accused of being a bully.   The person who made the accusation did not confront me, or talk to me, or contact me.   She cut off all contact and blocked me from any means … Continue reading

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I interrupt this conversation to……..

This morning I saw a meme posted on facebook that says something like “I don’t mean to interrupt you, I just randomly remember things and get so excited!”   and it was followed by tons of comments like, “oh, that’s … Continue reading

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The Emperor’s New Clothes

I remember reading this fable as a kid and thinking that the boy who told the truth was very brave.   This was before the days of never hurting anyone’s feelings, and of everyone being “special.” Today I saw a … Continue reading

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