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Egg Drop Soup and the Kitchen Sink

Ah, Mondays. I didn’t get much sleep on Sunday night – every now and again, I just can’t sleep, and my go-to remedy for that lately has been a hot shower before bed. It didn’t work on Sunday night, so … Continue reading

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It’s been another week of Mondays

Maverick got bronchitis for Christmas. Apparently it’s a form of kennel cough, the vet said tracheal bronchitis – his cough sounded like a goose honking. It all started last week, and went full blown on Christmas Day. Maverick was all … Continue reading

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It’s been one of those years this past week

It’s been a year of Mondays, with a few Fridays thrown in just to keep us off balance. We had an ice storm the other day so I kept Maverick home from daycare. I fully expected it to be a … Continue reading

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Yesterday was sewing day. About a year ago, I bought a pattern for a table runner and since one of my friends had given me 73 fat quarters over the summer, I decided to use them for this. (He works … Continue reading

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Grading and other reasons for drinking

If I ever win a gazillion dollars, of get a full time position teaching, one of my first acts will be to hire a TA. (That’s teaching assistant for you non-academics). I seriously hate grading homework. I used to merely … Continue reading

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When it comes time to vote in a few weeks, remember – When you go to vote, remember this. If you approve, then vote for the same policies. If not, then this is your chance to change things.

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Princess Bride and a shot in the back

Yesterday I got the second shot in the back for my unrelenting sciatica issues. This was actually two shots, more targeted to the actual areas causing the difficulties. (L4 and L5 if anyone cares). The first one gave some relief … Continue reading

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Waitin on a video

That sounds like it should be a song title. I made a video today for my Managerial Acccounting class because while they can understand the High-Low method and how to solve for f and v, they can’t figure out a … Continue reading

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Wallaby Number 2

This is fun! The first was fiddly , this one was much smoother and I really enjoyed it. The next two are already planned . 😂

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The houses we build

I was talking to my niece the other night and she said something that made me stop and think. Talking to this niece is something I treasure, she cut me off for several years. I have this thing where I … Continue reading

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