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I spent a few hours the past couple of days making masks. I honestly hate them. I’m not really sure they do a bit of good, but they’re “required” in some places and I have friends and family who will … Continue reading

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Joy and sadness

My dear sweet neighbor is in her 80’s. I want to be her when I grow up. Affectionately known as “Momma Joan” to all my friends, she is an amazing woman. Although you would never know her age if you … Continue reading

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The demise of an American Icon

My husband retired this week He spent 28 years working for Harley-Davidson The first time we met, he drove past the plant and told me proudly that he’d worked there for 14 years. Later we went out and fed the … Continue reading

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He had surgery this morning to remove his spleen.   The tumor seems to have been only located there and had not spread any further.   Now we wait for biopsy results. He came through the surgery well.   He’s doing okay, but … Continue reading

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Hooray for May

Ah, May – three little letters that knock me to my knees, every single year. I keep telling myself this year will be better, it won’t hit me so hard. I’m always wrong. My Poppa died in May. He died … Continue reading

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T’is the season of dread

To everyone else it may be Fall.   It may be wonderful times of cool days and cold nights, falling leaves and anticipation of snow days, holidays, family time.   For me, it’s cold and achy bones.   It’s anticipation … Continue reading

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Rainy days and gloomies

This is the kind of day that makes me melancholy.   Rainy, cold, dark.  There is little joy in this day.  I’m reminded of all the sadness that my friends are experiencing right now, all the little hurts and big … Continue reading

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