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Yes, I’m a drama queen. And I’m better at it than most, so trying to draw me into your drama won’t work because I’m gonna make some drama of my own that will out-drama anything your little peewee brain can … Continue reading

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Napping is a wonderful thing.   I could get up at noon, and take a nap at 1, and then another at 3, and again at 5, and 7, and 9 and 11 and then go to bed at 1.    … Continue reading

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Ignoring him

Someone will not settle down and someone needs a nap.   Maverick is the first, I think I’m the second.   I can deal with the “I will not take a nap” thing, most days.   What I can’t deal with is the … Continue reading

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Sleepy time

I spent most of the day on the sofa. I overdid it yesterday, and the day before, and now I pay. It’s so tiring to be in pain – it’s more sore and hurting, not really pain. And tired. I … Continue reading

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