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Randomly ranting about rescue

I think, if I see one more “adopt, don’t shop” post, I am going to throw up, loudly, explosively, and messily. In the past few days, I’ve had 3 encounters with dogs at the park that have not gone well.  … Continue reading

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When you think you can’t and find out you can

One of my friends is heavily involved in Greyhound rescue and has been for years.    Last week, the voters in Florida chose to ban greyhound racing.    The implications of this decision are far reaching.   I won’t go into … Continue reading

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I’m a sucker

Or maybe just a softie.   I’m ruining my reputation.   Sigh Yesterday my husband told me that a cat had been sleeping on the septic cover.   He said, “she looks hungry, but we’re not keeping her.” Last night, … Continue reading

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