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Well, I really don’t, unless it’s stuffed

My favorite Christmas song, for your pleasure:

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Maverick insists

that I share this It’s his Daddeee’s favorite

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We have a tree in the house!

For the past two years, because of the Tiny Terror, we’ve had a small artificial Christmas tree. I bought that little tree the year my mom died, only because my great nephew, who was two years old at the time, … Continue reading

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No, *Janet, you will not ruin Christmas

*with apologies to anyone named Janet My oldest sister would have loved what’s going on in the world today. Janet, yes that was her name, loved rules. She had rules for everything, from how to vacuum a floor – you … Continue reading

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I lost the Christmas card list

The dining room table – aka, the black hole – gets hosed off twice a year, maybe three times. (*Disclaimer – housekeeping is not my strong suit) It’s where I study, do school stuff, play on the computer, craft, and … Continue reading

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I miss Christmas. I miss spending time looking for the perfect present – hoping it was perfect, anyway – and the look of joy when someone opened a package and delighted that I knew what to get for them. My … Continue reading

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The Christmas Tree that almost wasn’t

It started in November.   I asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas and was told, “just give us money.”   “No gifts?”  I asked.   “No, just money.”   “A gift card?”  “NO, just MONEY!” It made me sad.  Then it made … Continue reading

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The good thing is that there are people who love me, people I’ve never actually met, but who have allowed me to share their lives, to love their children, and who have made me smile when I really wanted to … Continue reading

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Looking back and looking forward

It’s gonna take more than one post to get this done but I wanted to at least make a start. It’s been a crazy ass couple of weeks, and a crazy ass year. So much happened. The first thing I … Continue reading

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This week has been a true test of my serenity

If my life were a soap opera, this would be cliff hanger week. Things were just going along in the normal craziness, when the phone rang. My sister, with bad news. My oldest sister – usually referred to as the … Continue reading

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