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Pondering things that don’t make sense

It’s been really cold here. It’s also supposed to snow tomorrow and the next day and maybe the day after that. Oh, yippee, two of my least favorite things. I’m seeing this comment on weather pages and it makes no … Continue reading

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Dear Jebus, Maverick

*My friend’s little girl, all of 3 years old, prays to “Dear Jebus” and we think it’s adorable. Dogs are creatures of routine. There is no dog more a creature of habit than mine. We get up, jump on Mommah, … Continue reading

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It’s snowing and we’ve become a nation of woosies

I hate snow. Anyone who’s known me for more than 5 minutes knows that I hate snow with a burning hatred that I reserve for few things. There are many reasons for this hatred – one of them is the … Continue reading

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How can you mend a broken hand?

So yesterday, while meandering along on our second walk, I stopped paying attention to my feet and managed to step off the sidewalk, turn my foot weird and fall on my ass. Or my hand. And my hip. A very … Continue reading

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Slug time

I took the dog for a walk.   I have nothing else planned today because OH MY GOD, WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE snow is supposed to be coming.   I’ve successfully done next to nothing for the past couple of … Continue reading

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grocery stores and snow storms

I actually do need bread!  I would rather have a root canal without novocaine than go to the grocery store tomorrow because a “BLIZZARD OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!”  is predicted.   The stores will be packed with people in a panic, … Continue reading

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Dear Snow Lovers

In a word, I think you’re nuts Nope, it’s not beautiful Nope, it’s not wonderful Nope, I don’t want to build a snowman, and I’m willing to bet that your kids don’t want to build one either, nor do they … Continue reading

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Ribs, and not the barbecue kind

My ribs hurt.   Aching, jabbing, pains from nowhere that make me catch my breath and tighten up every muscle – which makes it hurt  – and I know it makes it hurt more, but it’s the automatic reaction to … Continue reading

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February got me again

I hate Winter. This is not news I was doing okay till February.   We didn’t have hardly any snow.   We were just moseying along, waiting for the flowers and the grass to come back, hanging in there. I … Continue reading

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What we think it will be: Crisp days, cool nights, leaves turning beautiful colors Fires in the fireplace Long, cozy nights, reading by the fire Knitting warm snuggly things Drinking hot chocolate What is really is: damp, cold days that … Continue reading

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