Snow in March

A year ago, it snowed in March. It snowed today, more than it did last year Maverick loves it. Max loved it, too.

I hate snow. I see little beauty in it, it takes a minute to become all brown and ugly, it brings out the worst drivers in the world, and it makes my face hurt.

But Max loved it. I remember standing outside last year, as the snow fell, and he rolled down the bank with that smile – that Golden smile – that always made me laugh – and thinking, “much as I hate snow, I’m happy you got one more” It was to be his last. He ran and played and we forgot that day that he was sick, that time was short.

It was a day of smiles and tears. Today was another day of smiles and tears. Smiles at the Little One running in the snow, getting the zooms, being so happy puppy that all seemed right with the world. Tears of sadness – I will miss you till the day I join you again, my Beautiful Boy.

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