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There’s no place like home

Sometimes I’m not sure where home really is. I moved here 17 years ago, in the midst of a terrible, confusing, dark time in my life. The only light was my Bear – he held the broken pieces of me … Continue reading

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Home is where the Bear is

A week away doesn’t seem that long when you say it. It’s just seven days, eight days, seven nights, who’s counting? You plan and plan and make lists and agendas and then you pack and pack way too much – … Continue reading

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It’s a smaller place than we think

I can’t remember how many years ago I started following this lovely blogger https://rachelmankowitz.com/. She has introduced me to more than a few wonderful things over time, and tonight was another of those times – with a post she wrote … Continue reading

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Sleep is highly over-rated

My dog lady friends and I get together once a year and pretend we’re teenagers. That’s a lie. We pretend we’re teenagers ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!! (We’re a few years past teen years.) (Just a few.) (That’s another lie, we’re old.) … Continue reading

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A shameless plug

One of my dear friends just started a blog https://steven-speaks.com/?%3F%3F and you really need to follow her. 🙂

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and so it begins

a road I never wanted to walk a path that’s so unfair a dog that’s so very loved, who has given so much joy, brought so much peace and healing cannot be healed we can only help him live the … Continue reading

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Facebook thoughts

One of my colleagues sent me a friend request on facebook a couple of years ago.  This creates a problem – I don’t know her very well, and don’t particularly like her – I’m pleasant to her, polite, because we … Continue reading

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The whirlwind begins…………

And I love it!   The last final was tonight, and all that’s left is to grade the exams and get them all entered online.   One whole glorious week off – to prep for the next class, and plant flowers, and … Continue reading

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