Sleep is highly over-rated

My dog lady friends and I get together once a year and pretend we’re teenagers.

That’s a lie. We pretend we’re teenagers ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!! (We’re a few years past teen years.) (Just a few.) (That’s another lie, we’re old.) 🙂

Once a year we get together and have a sleep over. We watch movies, eat pizza, eat ice cream, eat junk food, and watch more movies. We are hilariously funny at times. We are sobbing messes at others.

We need each other. We met because of our dogs. The original dogs that brought us together have gone to the Bridge – and if there’s any good in this universe, they are now playing together there and will be there waiting when we get there – and we’ve stuck together through the heartbreaking losses and the joys of puppies and the trials of training.

We’ve stuck together through the loss of parents, surgeries – our own and our spouses – graduations of children, and grandchildren, tragedies and triumphs.

I sometimes take for granted that these ladies are always there when I need them – because I will always be there for them. And once a year, I remember how special and how wonderful, our friendship really is. We are sisters – not by blood – but by choice.

May you all be blessed with such good friends.

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2 Responses to Sleep is highly over-rated

  1. I would pay big time to get the audio tape from one your get togethers. Just sayin’.


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