The whirlwind begins…………

And I love it!   The last final was tonight, and all that’s left is to grade the exams and get them all entered online.   One whole glorious week off – to prep for the next class, and plant flowers, and cook real meals and clean, and visit Anna, and play with Max.  We can walk and visit the neighbors and visit other friends – what a wonderful word that is, “friends!”


It’s a long process making friends.  I’ve lived here for almost 10 years now, and I have just a few close friends.  That’s partly my fault, I don’t trust easily.  But oh, Max!  You have taken me out of myself and gotten me to places I never would have gone alone!   And in the going, I’ve met the few I consider close friends.  You brought me to Anna.   Literally, you took me to her room, week after week, as if you knew that was a place we were meant to be.  

So next week, we’ll plant the garden, and weed the bank, and ache all over every night!  Long tub soaks, long naps, books read on the front porch, I can’t wait!  In another week, it’s back to work – to a class I don’t really want, but I’ll make the best of it.  Hopefully, we’ll have some fun – and it’s only 6 weeks!   And only twice a week!   So much time for the stuff I really want to do.  🙂

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