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Another year older, another year wiser, another year gone

It was not the best of years. There were too many losses and not enough victories. My best friends lost parents, had spouses diagnosed with strange illnesses, had surgeries. One is still dealing with a medical issue that has been … Continue reading

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When you think you can’t and find out you can

One of my friends is heavily involved in Greyhound rescue and has been for years.    Last week, the voters in Florida chose to ban greyhound racing.    The implications of this decision are far reaching.   I won’t go into … Continue reading

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Leashes, walks, and other fun stuff

I learned several things this past week. First, don’t try to walk the puppy when you’re pissed off.   I was not pissed at the puppy, I was just pissed and took a walk to not be pissed.   Saturdays are days … Continue reading

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Tears flowing

Today wasn’t a great day I’m not a morning person.  Wandering the field while puppy chews sticks and eats grass and taking stones out of his mouth, and leaves out of his mouth, and waiting for him to be motivated … Continue reading

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Don’t tell me

Not to cry It’s only been 3 months don’t tell me he’s waiting for me I don’t want him waiting for me in your heaven, I want him on my front porch Don’t tell me I should be better because … Continue reading

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Counting Mondays

11 Mondays 11 weeks ago, we let you go.   Much has changed in those 11 weeks.   And every Monday, at 8:30, time stops, and I see your sweet face, and I feel your fur under my hands, and I whisper … Continue reading

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Sleep deprived but not love deprived

I really didn’t want to love this little terror.  I didn’t want to open myself up to this pain, this searing, unending pain, this loss that doesn’t get better with time, not again.  And then they put him in my … Continue reading

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Saying hello without saying goodbye

Almost ten weeks ago, we let Max go.   Tomorrow we bring home Maverick. I’m still grieving.   I still look for Max everywhere, in the family room on his rug, in the kitchen in front of the sink, where he always … Continue reading

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And he’s beautiful

Max will always be first – in my life, in my heart, in my soul. He will always be my beautiful boy, the one I promised I would never leave. He didn’t like to share, his toys, his food, his … Continue reading

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His name is Maverick

And he’ll be coming home in a few weeks. My empty, aching heart spoke last week, asked a friend where she got her dog.  She gave me the name of the breeder, I called and he has a litter. We … Continue reading

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