is it over yet?

Christmas, the semester, the hot mess in Washington? Just be over with all this mess and move on?

Today was “just ignore it all ” day. Maverick and I walked in the rain. We got completely drenched and had the best walk we’ve had in ages. I think we should just walk in the rain every day. Can someone put that request in to Mother Nature, please?

Then we played ball for 1/2 hour till he was worn out, and ready to help with laundry. His help involves dragging the laundry basket hither and yon, getting it upside down over his head, biting the sides, dragging it some more and generally causing a ruckus. (Not really, but I like that word and you rarely get a chance to use it.)

He took a nap. Thank you, sweet baby Jesus.
I read a book about how dogs learn. There’s not a chapter on napping, to my disappointment.

We played tug and then I read some more while he chewed something.

He even ate three meals today. (Maverick does not eat unless the spirit moves him – so this is a very good thing)

The TV has been silent since the Bear left for work.

It’s actually been a rather wonderful day.

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11 Responses to is it over yet?

  1. I like a nice rainy day now then. It absolves all guilt about not going hell for leather every waking moment. Great excuse to kick back, slow down and maybe even reflect on things. A good dog (like Mav) is a joy on a rainy day. It’s just so fun to watch those 4 legged idiots move clumsily through our world. Sounds like you tired him out, a major accomplishment.


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