Catching a cold and other fun stuff

It’s bad enough to be catching a cold – WHERE THE HELL IS MY VITAMIN C?????????? – but hubby is right there beside me, sniffing and sneezing and he won’t take THE DAMNED VITAMIN C!

Maverick thinks that this is a bunch of nonsense and that we should all just stop being tired and go play. Thank you very much.

“get the damned ball, Mommah!”

He’ll probably be next since he decided to cuddle for half an hour this morning. Pretty much made his assholery from yesterday and the day before worth it.

“what is this assholery of which you speak?”

That would be the “almost take Mommah to the ground at the park, causing Mommah to swear quite loudly, in public, also causing judgey eyes to be cast upong us, assholery, Little One.

Ah, yes, walking is a joy with this kid Seems that half my day is spent trying to figure out why something didn’t work and what possibly will. I’ve got a ton of money invested in training manuals and courses – and seriously, telling me what I should have done is so not helpful, Maybe the next book will hold the answer. If not, at least I got the joy of buying another book!

I have learned much about dog behavior in this past year – and a great deal more about people and about myself. Apparently I can be quite the hard ass when it comes to my dog. And that’s not such a bad thing, really.

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12 Responses to Catching a cold and other fun stuff

  1. ekurie says:

    Nah… sick doesn’t factor in with walks or playtimes. Hope you’re better soon!

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  2. Judging by the photos I’d say he needs more toys. Poor doggo is deprived. He has a certain look in his eyes like he’s saying the canine version of “sorry, not sorry” and “deal with it.”

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  3. Bitey Dog says:

    Sounds like you have a smart pup on your hands. I fought for a decade with Geordie (Bitey), and I never convinced him that the training manuals were good for anything but chew toys. With him, I learned that I had to show him that I knew what I was doing and that is why he should follow my instructions. Not just because “I said so”. I wish you luck!


    • There’s actually a whole training thing about showing your dog instead of telling him – a guy taught his dog to “do what I do” and the dog was amazing, Maverick is just too damned smart and it’s a challenge to get ahead of him sometimes!


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