February got me again

I hate Winter.

This is not news

I was doing okay till February.   We didn’t have hardly any snow.   We were just moseying along, waiting for the flowers and the grass to come back, hanging in there.

I have just written one of the worst sentences I ever wrote.

And then February hit.   It’s been one storm after another, with the drama this creates.    Weather boards on facebook have become worse than soap operas.   The amateurs take over after the pros go to bed.    It’s a clusterfuck of epic proportions.

It’s so cold that I can’t stand to be outside for more than a few minutes and Max doesn’t seem to understand that IT’S FREAKIN COLD OUT!   He wants out constantly, and that means that the door is open and the ice forms on the inside of it and it’s freakin cold in the house.


Can I just please sleep till April?   #countingthedaystillSpring

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