Slug time

I took the dog for a walk.   I have nothing else planned today because OH MY GOD, WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE snow is supposed to be coming.   I’ve successfully done next to nothing for the past couple of hours.

Well, I did try to read but then Max decided he wanted out and in and out again.   Makes it tricky to curl up with a book when you have to keep getting up and down.

My ribs aren’t aching nearly as much as they should be if we’re really getting all this bad weather, so we shall see if it bombs out or not.   (Praying that it does)  Part of me wants it to bomb, but part of me wants it to be over and done so the snow lovers can quit their damned whining about how much their kids want to build a snowman.  (Hint, no they don’t, you do)


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