Ribs, and not the barbecue kind

My ribs hurt.   Aching, jabbing, pains from nowhere that make me catch my breath and tighten up every muscle – which makes it hurt  – and I know it makes it hurt more, but it’s the automatic reaction to the sudden jab in my side that feels like someone punched me.

If it’s the faeries, I wish they’d find a better way to communicate, because this isn’t working for me!

It could be from any number of things, from the phase of the moon to the weather changing – it’s cold and my body hates cold.   The contradiction there is that my ribs ease when I put ice on them.

It used to be the breastbone that hurt all the time.   The past year has moved the pain to the left, under my breast.   IT’S NOT A HEART ATTACK!  says my mind.   I’ve had every test, and no, it’s not my heart – tell that to my gut when the first punch hits.

I go for days without it and then, as if to remind me that I’m really not ever going to be over it, it comes back with a jolt.

I need some ancient senator or congressman to get this and then we’ll find a cure.

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