Pondering things that don’t make sense

It’s been really cold here. It’s also supposed to snow tomorrow and the next day and maybe the day after that. Oh, yippee, two of my least favorite things.

I’m seeing this comment on weather pages and it makes no sense to me at all: “well, if it’s gonna be this cold, it might as well snow!” Umm, really? So we can have two wads of suck instead of just one? I’ve questioned this statement a few times and never really got a satisfactory answer. Seriously, if it snowed when it was 70 degrees outside, I might be okay with it. When I’m already wearing 18 layers just to be outside for a half hour with the dog, then yeah, let’s add snow to that so I have to wear boots and clean floors 8 times a day from all the crap being dragged into the house every time someone goes outside and comes back in. (The “let me out, I need to come back in” game is strong in Maverick.)

‘Here’s another one – “It is what it is!” Be damned strange if it was what it wasn’t!

And another – “walking” your dog off leash at a park where it’s clearly posted that dogs must be on leash, then getting pissed when someone asks you to leash up your dog. There’s a dog park – a really huge dog park – in this county. If you really want your dog off leash, go there! Yelling at me that your dog is friendly does not mean a damned thing to my reactive dog who is being faced by your big oaf bounding at him at a pace that means something other than “I want to play” to my guy.

Walls don’t work and cops are bad, so let’s surround the Capital with a wall and a bunch of armed guards.

A guy dresses up like a Viking and his testimony is to be taken seriously.

A fetus is only a baby if you want it, otherwise it’s just tissue.

My caramels are hard as rocks and I have no idea how to soften them up.

Maverick loves me no matter how crabby I get. (That’s probably my favorite thing, though)

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8 Responses to Pondering things that don’t make sense

  1. ReginaMary says:

    Tell us how you really feel, girl! I understand all of your frustrations. I’m going to add to your list. “It is 20 degrees out, but the ‘real feel’ is 10!” Ok, I get it. But if it feels like 10 degrees, then it’s 10 (h*kcing) degrees!

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  2. Myles plays the in and out game all day long. He loves the snow but forgets why he’s out there so he comes in covered in snowballs and then once he’s spread them through the house he sprints for the door to do what he should have done when he was out there.
    We have slipped through the looking glass at some point. Nothing makes sense. I’m hoping for the return of sanity soon.

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  3. Bitey Dog says:

    Upside Down World. Ain’t that the truth?

    So how bad was your snow? Is Maverick enjoying the inside-outside game and dropping snowballs on the carpet? 🐶


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