Dear Snow Lovers

In a word, I think you’re nuts

Nope, it’s not beautiful

Nope, it’s not wonderful

Nope, I don’t want to build a snowman, and I’m willing to bet that your kids don’t want to build one either, nor do they wish to get cold, wet and snotty nosed and chapped lipped while falling off a sled on the way down a hill, the same hill they’ll have to trudge back up while wearing 18 layers of clothes and still being cold.

Winter – the season of not being able to make plans until you hear the weather forecast, which will change 100 times before your plans come to fruition.

No, I don’t want a day off from work.   A day off for most people means a day without a paycheck.

No, I don’t want a blizzard.   And I think if you do want a blizzard, you need medication.  Do you even know what that is?   It’s blinding snow, snow that you can’t see through, snow that makes you get lost in a parking lot because your glasses are coated within seconds, snow that kills people.   Three feet of snow sound good?  You’re beyond medication, you’re officially a moron.


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