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Coughing up a lung is not very much fun

I’ve been feeling progessively more rotten for the past two weeks and finally gave in and made an appointment with my family doctor. It’s gone from sore muscles, and tightness, to a wracking cough that shakes my body and doesn’t … Continue reading

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Friday thoughts and random sadness

Fridays – the end of the week and a time to relax and enjoy life. My day started with Bear kisses, Max kisses, and a cup of coffee. I did battle with spiders. I think at this point it’s a … Continue reading

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I could really use a penny

It’s been a rough week. I have this thing, called costochondritis, that translates to my chest hurts. My breastbone and all the cartilage is inflamed, and it hurts. It hurts to breathe, it hurts to move, it just freakin hurts. … Continue reading

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If it smells nasty, it must be tasty

At least that’s the truth according to Sir Maxwell. He’s developed a love for the field behind the house – and usually comes back from one of his trips over there all Mr. Happypants, smacking his lips.   Tonight he had … Continue reading

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Huskies, spiders, and A.C. Moore – this is what Thursdays bring

Max and I went for a walk this morning, he’s doing really well with that since I’ve been using the harness. The lady on the corner was out with her husky, Keno. Max is quite fond of him, he’s a … Continue reading

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Facebook drama and why is this scarf taking so long?

After further consideration, I decided NOT to delete my facebook account, although the change to the timeline is horrible, and really made me angry.  I spent a great deal of time tonight going through old posts and hiding them from … Continue reading

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I thought I’d be more pissed

I’ve been stressed – sort of – about this stupid facebook timeline – and now that my page got switched, and I deleted it, I’m almost relieved. Lived without that crap for a very long time. I just hope I … Continue reading

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Monday, Tuesday, is the week over yet?

A week off really makes a person long for more ……… I would love to not have to work. I know people who claim they’d be bored very soon, and insist that I would too. No, actually, I wouldn’t. Books … Continue reading

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Venting and ranting and raving, oh, my!

It’s been one of those “I should have stayed in bed” days.   Got woken up by the phone ringing at 8:30. It was the idiots from Missouri calling again, Bear got the phone and told them the person they … Continue reading

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Current project

Curly scarf from Boutique Sashay yarn, Eyes Like Leaves by Charles DeLint – current book and current project

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