Huskies, spiders, and A.C. Moore – this is what Thursdays bring

Max and I went for a walk this morning, he’s doing really well with that since I’ve been using the harness. The lady on the corner was out with her husky, Keno. Max is quite fond of him, he’s a shy little dog but they play well together, they run and chase each other and it’s so nice to see them having fun. Max needs that sort of play, not too rough, but he still got a good workout. He really didn’t want to leave, and after all his playing, we still had to walk home. He was pretty tired!
I went for groceries, tried to talk some guy into buying the round corned beef instead of a brisket, but he didn’t want to pay the extra money. Oh, well, Dude, when it’s tough and fatty, don’t say you weren’t warned.
I was all ready for school, got my stuff together, opened the garage door, started for the car and EEEEEEKKKKKK! Tarantula on the wall! Swear to God, there was a HUGE black spider on the wall. Bear killed it. Phew. But it escalated the anxiety attack that had started when Max decided to totally ignore me out in the field. I feel like such a failure as a dog owner when he does that stuff. Sigh
I bought some dp knitting needles to make a little stuffed elephant from a pattern I found on pinterest. Pinterest is my new addiction. And when I got home, Max refused to go out. More anxiety.
And the worst. Our friend from the Golden Retriever board got the pathology report on her dog’s surgery – and it’s not good. I hate this so much.

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