Friday thoughts and random sadness

Fridays – the end of the week and a time to relax and enjoy life.
My day started with Bear kisses, Max kisses, and a cup of coffee.
I did battle with spiders. I think at this point it’s a draw – I raked leaves from the front of the house and sprayed some stuff that’s supposed to keep them away. I developed a lovely blood blister while raking, and rooted out about 6 black spiders and one brown one that was way bigger than I was gonna tackle! I killed the others with the rake. I hope it cut them to bits, I HATE those things.
The good part is that the garden is now clear – mostly – of leaves. I am so ready to start planting! And planning! I’m so excited to see that the Snow on the Mountain that I transplanted to the front bank last year is starting to come back, beautifully! There’s a good bit of weeding to be done on that bank, but nothing like last year – and then there will be more planting of things that will cover it so we don’t have to mow it.
I want to plant something around the well, too. Something that will flower and be in a circle and be something that says “home.”

We picked up the book for my summer class today. I’m ready for this semester to be over and a new one to start. I’ve only taught this class once, and I threw out my lecture notes, so I have to prep the entire course again. I’m kind of excited about it – right now!

Started something called a biscornu tonight. Really cute little thing, I’ll post a picture when it’s done. And I started the elephant’s head.

I’m learning Ode to Joy on the organ. And then I’ll move on to the next lesson. Sharps and flats! Oh, holy cow! I play after Bear leaves, so I can play LOUD! I expect phone calls from the neighbors soon.:-)

And I mowed. Not a lot, but it felt good. I LOVE to mow!

So it was a productive day. And a sad one – because we went to the nursing home, and seeing people in their final days, so dependent on people who don’t give a shit about them, just makes me sad. I hope we gave them some joy – I know we did for Anna – so that was a good thing,

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