Venting and ranting and raving, oh, my!

It’s been one of those “I should have stayed in bed” days.


Got woken up by the phone ringing at 8:30. It was the idiots from Missouri calling again, Bear got the phone and told them the person they want doesn’t live here. Then it was Max barking. I got up, after a dream about Bruce stealing beer and liquor and me telling him to get the flock out of my house. So I came downstairs to be greeted by brother in law, and Bear, who had a million things for me to do today – knowing full well that I wasn’t awake and wouldn’t remember most of them for five minutes. Apparently I was supposed to save the liquid off the hog maw – I tossed it – and he insisted I told him I saved some of it. No, I said I put some on the meat, and threw the rest out.


Give me coffee. Now.

Max had a case of the barks, and I’m not sure which was worse, him barking like the hounds of hell were coming up the hill to attack us, or Bear tearing out of the house to scream at Max to shut up.

I took Max for a walk. That was actually a good thing, he barely pulled, we did a good brisk mile and a half, and I think it was a good workout for him.

We went to the nursing home, Anna was pissed at her niece – as usual – but we got her laughing and cheered her up a good bit, I think. Barb and Misty came in, so it was kind of like a family gathering. I know we aren’t family, but we feel like it. I love that old woman. I don’t know how I’ll ever go back to that home when she’s gone. L

We stopped for beer and gas on the way home, so it was nearly 5 when we got home. I checked the phone and saw there had been a missed call, checked it and realized that there were 4 missed calls, all from Missouri, about 45 minutes apart. I was pissed – Bear was sleeping, or trying to! And these assholes are calling constantly! They called one more time tonight, I answered, ready to give them the spiel about putting everything in writing, and no one was on the other end. Robo call, grrrrrrrrrr!

I left the group that was formed for the new DeLint novel – I just didn’t feel like any joy there. I’ve been seriously thinking of leaving facebook, and discovered tonight that the timeline will be the only choice as of March 30 – well, screw that, I hate it and don’t want it, and so, see ya. Then I checked the golden retriever board. One of the members was banned a while back because she’s a bitch. A great many of us were really glad to see her go – but there were just as many who bemoaned her loss. She was gone for several months – and it was nice and peaceful there. Well, she’s back. And immediately a thread was started welcoming her back. One of the guys who was often the brunt of her rudeness and sarcasm posted in that thread. Within minutes he was banned –for rudeness. What a crock. Well, that’s another forum that I’m done with, thanks.

With all this extra time, I might blog more. J


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