If it smells nasty, it must be tasty

At least that’s the truth according to Sir Maxwell.

He’s developed a love for the field behind the house – and usually comes back from one of his trips over there all Mr. Happypants, smacking his lips.   Tonight he had a bit of the diarrhea – when I got home from school, I  put his harness on him and started out for a walk.   Note to self – when picking up a bag to use as a poop bag, make sure it doesn’t have a hole in the bottom.  Just sayin.   We got as far as the neighbor’s house and he decided to leave a present – it was not a pleasant present.  I picked up what I could.  See above note to self.  Thank God for hand sanitizer.  That’s all I have to say about that.

We cut the walk short, because I didn’t want him to overdo it if he wasn’t feeling well.  He’s been sort of sleepy all night and has wanted out a couple times.  But I think he’s playing me – he always gets a treat after he does his business.   Anyway.  I’m sure he’ll be fine in the morning.

Yesterday I had a visit with an old friend.  Been a long time, it was good to see her.  We’ve been friends for 40 years.   Hard to imagine that.  🙂

And so……….I’m planning my garden!   I love this time of year!   Oh, the joy of picking out flowers and putting them in the ground and then watching them bloom.  The front bank was half done last summer, should be completely done this year.  That was so much fun!  Bear thought I was nuts out there every day weeding, but I was loving it.  Even though it gave me aches and pains, I still loved it.

And I have such a hankerin to MOW!

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