We have a tree in the house!

For the past two years, because of the Tiny Terror, we’ve had a small artificial Christmas tree. I bought that little tree the year my mom died, only because my great nephew, who was two years old at the time, wanted to know why I didn’t have a tree in my house. I was living in my parents’ house still, going to grad school, trying to settle my mom’s estate with my sister (you can probably guess which one) fighting me tooth and nail because she wasn’t in charge. In tears, I called the Bear and said, “I don’t have a tree, I don’t have money for a tree, and Alex wants me to have a tree!”

At this point I should explain that out of all my nephews and nieces and great nephews and great nieces, there is one child who can do no wrong and for whom I would do absolutely anything, including hiding the body if it were ever necessary – and that child is Alex. (His brother runs a close second in my affections)

Bear said, because he’s always been my heart, “go buy a tree.” (From that day, he sent me money every week so I never had to worry again about draining my savings account paying estate bills that would later be reimbursed.)

That little tree moved to PA with me. We used it when Max was a puppy. We used it the year that no one wanted Christmas – I put it up Christmas Eve and took it down Christmas night. (I don’t want to remember that year, but it happened)

I love Christmas trees. I walk onto the lot where they’re for sale and I start to smile. Bear says I always end up with the first one I walk to, and he’s right, but I still have to go talk to all of them. They’re all different, some are happy but want a house with kids, some are happy and want to be with a single person, some are annoyed at being stuck with those other trees as if – AS IF! – they belong there. One will always shine and I know that’s the one. There will be light in my house because of it.

The Terror has so far ignored it. At first he was totally unsure – “what the HECK?” but he’s gotten used to it quickly. Tomorrow I may put some lights on. Lights make me happy. We’ll use the Dollar Store ornaments. If they break, it’s not a big deal. I haven’t used the ornaments my mother loved so since we got Max – first because, duh, puppy, and then because that dog had the fluffiest tale ever and he would sweep those things right off that tree. Breaking my mom’s ornaments would break my heart.

And so we bought a tree. And there was a ten dollar off coupon, so we bought a bell and a Christmas cactus for Momma Joan just because.

It’s starting to feel like Christmas in my house. And in my heart.

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8 Responses to We have a tree in the house!

  1. Bitey Dog says:

    ☹️ My “Like” button is not working.

    They say that when a woman decorates her house, it shows that all is well. I am happy that your house has a glowing tree, colorful ornaments and memories that bring you and your family joy! 🎄 🎄 🎄

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  2. For multiple and valid reasons, I did not put up my tree this year. I hung winter-themed objects on my outside doors and called it done. Christmas is always at my house, for a whole group of 5 people, but my love for cooking means we have a feast. This year, due to COVID, there will be 3 of us total. No ham this year, no whole turkey but just turkey breast since the 3 of us all like the white meat, canned gravy and instant potatoes. I will still make time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, so I’m doing what I feel is important. And I’m good with that!

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  3. So glad to hear your spirits are up and you have got a cozy nest set for Christmas. We totally scrooged out with no lights, no tree, no visitors but also no worries because we much to be grateful for and happy about. Something tells me SantaPaws is going to be very good to a certain Golden Retriever this year. No humbugs with that pooch!

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