It’s Wednesday – because I can’t think of a cute title today

It’s been busy around the kingdom lately. The semester is done, seven wild weeks of five classes but I made it through without too many scars or too many alcoholic beverages. (hush)

My schedule was class from 2-3:30, and again from 6-7:40, every M/W and then office hours from 4-8 on Thursday. Maverick was not impressed.

Maverick has been with me or the Bear every minute of his life, except for the few hours that he’s gone to the groomer. He doesn’t know what to do with other dogs, I think. He sees dogs at the park, from a distance, and sometimes tells them to keep that distance, quite rudely. I am at his beck and call 24 hours a day. I love him more than I ever thought possible – after Max died, I didn’t think I could love another dog. I was wrong. I’m not built for 24/7 attention to anyone or anything. I need my me time and when I don’t get it, I get incredibly crabby. I know hard to believe. (Maxwell, shutty)

So last week I made the decision that Maverick was going to daycare. Our groomer/trainer runs daycare and I trust her with him like I wouldn’t trust anyone else. He is doing extremely well, meeting other dogs in a safe environment – from the other side of a fence if she’s not sure of them – and playing with a couple of dogs who are very sound and no worries at all. He is also involved in a budding romance, he tells me, but I’m sure he’ll blog about that himself.

And Mommah’s getting some time to relax and get some stuff done around here.

Which leads me to knitting. A wonderful person sent me a wonderful gift yesterday. My morning was not the best today, because mornings! I sat down to check email and found that I had been given a present, a pattern for slippers that I had admired on this blog:

I shall be smiling all day from this act of kindness.

(Also, I get to see the perfect baby this afternoon, and the sun is out, so pffffttttt to mornings, this afternoon will be lovely) (And I’m going to find yarn for slippers too!)

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7 Responses to It’s Wednesday – because I can’t think of a cute title today

  1. ReginaMary says:

    Awwww…happy knitting, friend!

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  2. I was about to remark on “crabby” attitudes but I’ll stifle it just this once. Congrats on surviving the semester injecting accounting knowledge into the minds of wastrel youth. Did Mav make any unannounced appearances on your Zoom sessions? Like “how many times do I have to tell you stupid humans, you debit cash and credit the Milk Bone inventory.” Enjoy your free time – you’ll start missing your poor abandoned puppy about two minutes after you drop him off.

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  3. I’m betting it feels unusual to be Maxwell-free but it sounds like it’s doing him a lot of good – so when you start to feel lonely (or worse, guilty!) remind yourself that you’d do anything for your four-legged child! And congrats of making it through the semester!

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