How do you define “Cluster***k?”

Today was not Monday but it should have been. We got up to the phone ringing – my brother in law had taken his car in for inspection and it needed a ball joint. I think I need a few of those myself, but I digress. (Maxwell, shutty) He’s deaf so the repair guy was calling to tell Bear that this part wouldn’t be in till noon and this was 9 am, so M didn’t really want to hang out at the garage till then. Bear went out and picked him up and brought him to our house, where he promptly spilled a bottle of soda (I don’t know why he was drinking rootbeer at 9 am) (I went outside) (MASH and M are more than I can handle on one cup of coffee) all over the table.

My car was at another garage, having a something or other replaced so it would stop rattling and there would no longer be a threat of it leaving me along the road somewhere, or of me leaving it because said rattle was very annoying. It was meant to be finished by 10

It was not

Bear goes to work at 2

I went to the patio to escape MASH and M, but delayed our morning walk in case my car should miraculously be finished soon. Or in case Bear had to go to work before M’s was finished because he would need a ride back to THAT garage.

M’s car was done at 12:45. Phew. All the usual morning stuff was completed early, for justin. (Justin Case, my favorite person) I had made Bear’s lunch, he had showered. Yes, I make his lunch. No, I don’t have to. I like to make his lunch. We don’t just say the words round here, we show love in little things like that. (I get defensive because people get judgy) (None of my faithful readers would, but you never know)

Bear called about my car. It would not be done till 3ish. Horsepuckies. He told me to go pay the bill (he left a check) when it was done, and when he got home from work we would go get it. He gets home at 11:30. He’s tired. He doesn’t want to drive another 15 minutes to get my car, and 15 minutes home. But he would because, see above.

I called my best friend and asked if she was free. Yes, she was, and because (see above) she’s my BFF, she picked me up and took me to get the car. Bear can now come home and relax.

Maverick and I went for a walk, or more accurately, Maverick took ME for a walk. Le Sigh. He will someday walk nicely on leash. Then we shopped. I planned to weed and plant flowers today. We have a long line that we hook Maverick out on, it’s connected to a stake in the ground. Bear thought the ground was too soft and that Maverick would probably pull out the stake and I’d have to chase him through the woods, so I didn’t get the flowers in. I couldn’t find my gardening gloves. I looked in about 84 places and found one. So we stopped at the store. No gloves. Le Sigh.

We came home and I finally got a shower. Yes, that was me you could smell earlier. Then I counted my zippers. No, that’s not code, I’m making baby buntings and they have a zipper. Being short a couple, off we went to the store again. I stopped at Tractor Supply and got gloves.

Perhaps tomorrow I can weed. While Maverick is at daycare.

Oh, and I hear there will be gas shortages because apparently the CIA was too busy making woke videos to pay attention to some serious cyber threat. Welcome to CreepySnifferMan’s America

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14 Responses to How do you define “Cluster***k?”

  1. Bitey Dog says:

    Testing. I haven’t been able to post comments in weeks, but maybe now I can?

    I hope the rest of the week is less clustery so you can finally get something done!

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  2. Bitey Dog says:

    Oh geez, I guess you can post Part B tomorrow.☺️

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  3. Your day pretty much qualifies as my definition of a CF. I applaud your tenacity to get through it – I would likely just have thrown my hands up in the air about halfway through it and started to question what horrible thing(s) I had down that is making Karma take a bite out of my a$$….. followed by a plop in my recliner and a “F you, I give up” shout.

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    • I started crying when Maverick wouldn’t come inside and I just wanted to get a shower. Then I just started laughing at the absurdity of it all. Some days you just thank the Goddess for adult beverages


  4. Yikes! That is one for sure!
    The gas shortage thing was a trip back to the 70’s. A trip I’d rather not take really.
    I hope things are looking up:)

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  5. Patti H says:

    Sorry about your cluster of a day but your last paragraph was the spot on. I read that to Mr. Aitch and he said it was a perfect synopsis of what’s happening. I paraphrased that last bit. 😉

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  6. ReginaMary says:

    Oh Sue, you make me laugh! No judgement here. I am a firm believer in showing love. I fold laundry, make sandwiches and make beds with love. Some people are celebrating the gas shortage because they feel all cars should be electric. What does one say to that. Please give Maverick a boop on that cute snoot!

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  7. Awwww…looks like somebody has to pull up her big girl panties and stop whining. 😈 OK, some days were set up just to test our anger management skills. But remember – before you complain about your life just think that somewhere out there, someone is married to your ex. Hope your ball joints are rolled properly. 😁

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  8. chrisknits says:

    Girl, you deserve a big ol’ bag/keg of whatever snack/beverage you drown your sorrows in! I would have given up with the first CF!

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  9. LDSVenus says:

    I hate when Mondays don’t fall on Monday, I’ve even had a whole week of Mondays before, ugh, that is usually when “Murphy” has moved in, I can’t think of anyone who likes “Murphy”. And yeah the government doesn’t care about “the people” anymore for sure.

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