One more time…………..

There is no account titled “profit and loss.” It didn’t exist for the past three weeks, so why do you keep putting it in your journal entries?

Cost of Goods Sold has nothing to do with Supplies. It hasn’t for the past three weeks

You can’t credit an asset when you depreciate it. You couldn’t three weeks ago, two weeks ago, last week, and you can’t this week either.

I’m not accepting your latest homework submission because it was due two weeks ago, and the answer dropped open a week ago.

I’m not accepting your homework submission that you created in some format that only someone with an advanced degree in computer science and possibly access to government super computers can open.

Nor am I accepting your homework submission that you created with some format that comes off so small on my computer that I have to enlarge it 500% to even think of reading it.

I’m not thrilled that you decided that the template I provided for you wasn’t good enough so you created your own that makes absolutely no sense and since you won’t change it, I’m not accepting that submission either.

Your final closes on Sunday at mignight. No, I’m not going to extend it. I’m not going to give you an extra chance because your friend let me know there was an issue and you decided to just sit there and whine until your time ran out.

Can you tell it’s the last week of class? Can you tell I’ve been grading homework for several hours and answering emails in the middle of that? Can you tell that I’m tired of the “you may have 85 students but none are as important as I am so drop everything and do what I want now, bitch!” attitude?

I wonder if it will get better or worse when we start having students who have been “learning” online for the past year?

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20 Responses to One more time…………..

  1. This is amusing to read, but I’m sure it has been an awful last week of class. I am sorry. Makes me grateful that the students in the class I am a co-instructor for are all relatively mature adults.

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  2. I couldn’t. They’d all gets Fs.
    You can spend the summer telling yourself the new students will be starved for education and ready to learn. They probably won’t be but you’ll enjoy the summer and not worry:)

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  3. You know the old story…what do you get if you cross an accounting student with a slow monkey? A: a smarter accounting student.

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  4. cattknithat says:

    I take it you teach college English?

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  5. cattknithat says:

    Ohhh… I actually wrote college Math, but my keyboard autocorrected it. That’s nice about English Literature though. I am taking classes to become an elementary teacher. I’m wondering about an English concentration. 🙂

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    • You have to take all those lovely education courses – I just slid into teaching by getting a Masters in accounting and thus can teach at the community college. Good luck to you! I would not want to be teaching kids in today’s world.


  6. cattknithat says:

    I admire my college professors sometimes. I wouldn’t want to teach teenagers or young adults. 😅

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  7. ReginaMary says:

    OMGGGG!!! I was having a conversation with a colleague this morning. The transition back to normal in September is going to be so hard for some of these kids! So many of our policies were not enforced (i.e. phones during school hours) and the hybrid schedule has given students/parents the impression that there is such a thing as ‘hybrid attendance’ I feel for you. This time of year can be so frustrating.

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  8. Natalie K. says:

    LOL! The accounting stuff—specifically, the first three paragraphs—really amused me. Why on earth would someone think there’s a “profit and loss” account… it’s not like they’d ever see that in the real world or in a problem in a textbook!! LOL!

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  9. LDSVenus says:

    Oh my gosh I laughed so hard!!!

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  10. Peachy says:

    😂😂😂 sending hugs! Lol and you signed up for summer classes

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