root canal part three

Off to the dentist I went today. More x-rays reveal that there’s nothing wrong with the tooth, or the teeth around it. My dentist, who is a very nice guy and wouldn’t lie to me, says there’s still infection there and gave me a scrip for more antibiotics. Apparently the pains I’m feeling are normal.

I don’t deal well with pain.

Maverick and I had a moment before I left – he thinks that tug of war with his leash is way fun – I don’t agree. He won’t go in his crate for me any time but bedtime, so I was already stressed, hurting, and not in the mood. I left his leash on when we came back from our “haul Mommah around, try to pull her down, yank on the leash, and generally be a little shit” potty break, and just pulled him into his crate.

I went to pick up my scrip and was feeling guilty because he looked so sad when I left, so I bought him a new ball.

That was the BEST BALL EVER!!!!!!!!!!! He is currently sleeping with it. And I’m signing us up for training classes.

Two doses of antibiotics in, 28 more to go. This better work because I’m tired of hurting.

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