root canal part two

I am seriously frustrated right now. I guess my expectations were too high, I thought that the root canal would take care of the random jabbing pains in my tooth. I was wrong.

I called on Thursday because it was still very sore. I know I’m a drama queen and I have little tolerance for pain, but I thought once the nerve was removed, the pain would stop. They explained that the area around the tooth had been traumatized from the whole process, and would most likely be sore for a bit. Okay, I can deal with that, even though I was pretty annoyed because – see above – I thought it was OVER.

So it did get better, slowly, till I could actually bite something yesterday without it screaming at me. And then I decided to have some spaghetti for lunch today. Three bites in, which aren’t even bites because it’s spaghetti, you roll it up and stick it in your mouth, I got two sharp jabs in that tooth.

What the actual flock is this crap? I called the dentist, I’m going in tomorrow and praying this gets fixed and finished.

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1 Response to root canal part two

  1. krcc says:

    Reminds me of the time I had to take out a tooth that was cracked after a failed root canal. Thing was, I also had to remove 2 wisdom teeth at the same time. So 3 pull outs in 1 shot. Talk about pain! I hear ya.


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