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and so it begins

a road I never wanted to walk a path that’s so unfair a dog that’s so very loved, who has given so much joy, brought so much peace and healing cannot be healed we can only help him live the … Continue reading

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Frankly, terrified

Still no biopsy results.   All the signs and signals are screaming at me that it’s going to be fine, that it’s benign, that he’s fine, he’ll be fine, he’ll recover from the surgery and all will be well. He’s so … Continue reading

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He’s home

It’s so much better and so much more stressful.   We find ourselves listening for every breath, and when he snores or sounds a little funny,  we both stare at him to make sure he’s breathing okay.   He’s doing okay.   We’re … Continue reading

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He had surgery this morning to remove his spleen.   The tumor seems to have been only located there and had not spread any further.   Now we wait for biopsy results. He came through the surgery well.   He’s doing okay, but … Continue reading

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it’s not good

It’s a tumor, surgery tomorrow.   Prayers will be appreciated

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worry doesn’t solve anything

Max isn’t feeling well.   Yesterday morning he wouldn’t eat.   He turned his head away from food, and that’s not normal.   Nothing tempted him.   He went out to pee and just wanted to lay in the leaves.   That’s not normal, either.  … Continue reading

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Taxes are taxing my brain

I hate taxes.  I hate doing our taxes, I hate doing taxes for other people.  I get stuck doing them every year because, hey, “you teach accounting, so you can do this!”   Yeah, I CAN do it, but that doesn’t … Continue reading

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I’ll admit it

I hate Hawkeye Pierce.  I hate his self-righteous, annoying pronouncements.  I hate his laugh.   I hate everything about him.   I hate BJ Honeycutt, too.    I wish he’d take his crying ass back to his stupid wife and kid and … Continue reading

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Oh Chondritis

why do you torment me so? Rib jabs  – a stab of pain, just a moment, sudden, quick, gone, but enough to take my breath for a second.  I had almost forgotten about you.   I’m never stupid enough to think … Continue reading

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