Taxes are taxing my brain

I hate taxes.  I hate doing our taxes, I hate doing taxes for other people.  I get stuck doing them every year because, hey, “you teach accounting, so you can do this!”   Yeah, I CAN do it, but that doesn’t mean I LIKE doing it.

And what I really hate is that people who are content to stay in pissant jobs and make next to no money but managed to do the most difficult thing in the word (heavy sarcasm there) and pop out a couple of kids, get handed a gift by the government every freakin year.

I don’t have kids.  I didn’t have kids because I knew I couldn’t take care of them.  I had barely enough money most of the time to take care of myself.  I never thought someone else should take on my responsibility, so I made sure I didn’t have kids.  This is not a difficult concept.   Apparently, however, it IS difficult for some to grasp that by rewarding bad or thoughtless behavior, you encourage it.   Giving people who have managed to screw up their lives a gift every year is not a gift at all.

Should we end this entitlement?  Well, that would hurt a whole lot of kids, wouldn’t it?  How about this?  How about we give a monthly stipend so that tax time windfall doesn’t go to buy a big screen tv or the latest smart phone, but instead is used to buy food and clothing, and pay the bills for the next year?   Wouldn’t THAT make more sense?

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