Oh Chondritis

why do you torment me so?

Rib jabs  – a stab of pain, just a moment, sudden, quick, gone, but enough to take my breath for a second.  I had almost forgotten about you.   I’m never stupid enough to think I’m cured,  but sometimes, for a few blissful months, you go to sleep.  Until the full moon, and the cold, and the damp weather, poke the sleeping monster and you wake.   You don’t like to be awake, it seems  – and my ribs pay the price.

If I could wish you away,  I would.   I should be thankful for the days when you don’t rear your ugly head.   It;s hard to be thankful when you’re hurting.   It’s hard to relax the muscles that are tensed, ready for the next jab of pain.    I know this too shall pass.  It always does – if only it didn’t hurt so much in the moment.

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