I’ll admit it

I hate Hawkeye Pierce.  I hate his self-righteous, annoying pronouncements.  I hate his laugh.   I hate everything about him.   I hate BJ Honeycutt, too.    I wish he’d take his crying ass back to his stupid wife and kid and shut the hell up.  I hate Radar O’Reilly.   I hate Father Mulcahey.  I hate Klinger, and I hate Sherman Potter.  I especially hate Margaret Hoolihan and Frank Fucking Burns.


I really hate that MASH is on every flippin weekend, all day and all freakin night.  Seriously  – it was a good show but can we move on?  There’s a lot of TV out there, a lot of programs that were just as good.   What is the fascination with this one?  Why is it on every weekend, all freakin weekend?

Okay, I know, we don’t have to watch it all day.  Oh, really?  Tell that to my MASH addicted husband!

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