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A big part of my weight loss plan has to do with walking.   Miles and miles every day – walking off the pounds, through the rain and the snow and the sore feet.  I walk.  I don’t love it … Continue reading

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He owns my heart

Everyone thinks they have the best dog in the world Everyone is wrong Their dogs may be wonderful but there’s only one Max. I took him for a check of a lump because Golden Retrievers get lumps and sometimes they’re … Continue reading

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A lie is a lie even if you repeat it over and over

Watching the media these days is giving me flashbacks. My sister is a liar.   Given the choice between a lie and the truth, she will tell the lie every single time.   She’ll hold that lie to her breast … Continue reading

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Raising awareness

Apparently this is the “thing” to do.   It’s apparently acceptable to be extremely annoying and in my face as long as you’re “raising my awareness” about something that is very important to you.   The fact that I may … Continue reading

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