A lie is a lie even if you repeat it over and over

Watching the media these days is giving me flashbacks.
My sister is a liar.   Given the choice between a lie and the truth, she will tell the lie every single time.   She’ll hold that lie to her breast and declare it true and anyone who says otherwise is out to get her, attacking her, their memory is faulty, how can they possibly think she’s not telling the truth?

If she doesn’t like you, fuggett abowt it.   You’re done.   She will move Heaven and Earth, make up stories, twist events, leave out relevant facts, do whatever it takes to make you look bad and make her look like a victim.

It doesn’t matter how many people say nothing happened, if people want to believe it did, they need little “evidence.”

You were promised Hillary.   You didn’t get Hillary.   So you’ll move Heaven and Earth to prove that you were robbed!   The real winner must be impeached!  Whether he does anything to deserve that is irrelevant.   Keep saying it, and say it often enough and people will believe it.

Unless they don’t.  It just might backfire.    Take my sister as an example – she has very few friends and most of her family wants nothing to do with her.   You can’t play that card too often – people get wise.

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