Raising awareness

Apparently this is the “thing” to do.   It’s apparently acceptable to be extremely annoying and in my face as long as you’re “raising my awareness” about something that is very important to you.   The fact that I may already be aware of it, because how could I not be since it’s what defines you, is irrelevant.   You must continually remind me that you are _______________(fill in the blank) so that I am aware of this condition and can treat you accordingly.


I would like an “I’m pretty normal awareness” week.   This will be closely tied to “I’m not responsible for your issues” awareness week.   This will be followed by, “it’s not my job to take care of you ” awareness week, and “I’m sick of your issues” awareness week.

I sound cold.   I’m not really, I’m just tired of people who define themselves by their illnesses.  I have a chronic condition.   I refuse to let it define me.   It’s not who I am, it’s a small part of me, and I won’t let it be the first thing people think of when they think of me.    It’s not anyone’s problem but mine.   I deal with it and I don’t treat people like shit when I’m having a flare because it’s not their fault, it’s just my body.   I will care for those I care about when they need it.   I won’t be lectured to and expected to become a satellite revolving around the universe of their condition.


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