A big part of my weight loss plan has to do with walking.   Miles and miles every day – walking off the pounds, through the rain and the snow and the sore feet.  I walk.  I don’t love it but I do love how much weight I’ve lost.

I get books on CD and listen while I walk.  I get 2 hours of me time, 2 hours of sore feet, sore legs, 2 hours of “I can’t take another step” while I keep on going.   It’s becoming my daily ritual, one that helps me find peace and keeps me sane for the rest of the day.

My right foot hurts.   A lot.  It’s swollen and bruised on top and it hurts, all the time.   Sometimes it hurts more than other times but it never stops.  During my routine physical, I mentioned it to my doctor.  He sent me for x-rays.  It appears that I have one badass bunion.

Praying I don’t need surgery – because if I can’t walk for weeks, I don’t know what I’ll do.


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