I interrupt this conversation to……..

This morning I saw a meme posted on facebook that says something like “I don’t mean to interrupt you, I just randomly remember things and get so excited!”   and it was followed by tons of comments like, “oh, that’s SO me, LOL!”   and “I KNOW, my friends get so annoyed, but I can’t help it!”


You can help it.   It’s rude, and it’s annoying and it makes the person you interrupted feel like you weren’t listening at all, that you were merely waiting till it was your turn to speak and you got tired of waiting.

Stop it.

A few people posted that they have adult ADHD and can’t help it.  Really?  Sounds like an excuse for bad behavior to me.

Do you let your children interrupt you?  Do YOU not get annoyed when someone does it to you?   Then stop it and stop saying, “oh, that’s just who I am!” and acting like it’s all cute.  It’s not.  It’s not cute when you’re 5 and it’s not cute when you’re 35 and it’s not cute when you’re 85.   Well.  Maybe 85, because by then the fact that you’re still breathing is kinda cute in itself.   But otherwise, no, it’s not cute, it’s not funny.

It’s a statement, one that says, “what you’re saying is not nearly as important as this random piece of nonsense that just flew into my brain and is flying out of my mouth.”  It says that you are the most important person in the conversation, which is obviously not a conversation at all, since you’re not listening to the other person.

People tend to talk over me.  I’m not sure why.  I reach a point where I let it be known that I will not tolerate it for another minute, but it takes me doing that more than once to actually have it sink in with a lot of people.   I’m one of those people you’re interrupting, and then laughingly apologizing to – an apology that’s meaningless because you’re about to do the same thing again in a few minutes.   While you’re being amused with yourself, stop for a second and think how it makes the other person feel.   And when I stop talking to you, stop trying to make myself heard, don’t ask why we’re not friends any more.   That is, if you even notice.

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