Maverick’s magic collar

As I’ve blogged about (whined about) before, Maverick is not a fan of loose leash walking. (Maverick has no clue what “loose leash” means.) Our trainer/groomer/daycare lady is currently making martingale collars and donating the proceeds to various charities so of course, Maverick needed a new collar. I have decreed, because martingales are actually pretty awesome training tools, that this is “magic” collar and is going to help with our walking woes. I’m currently in the process of convincing Maverick that the collar, which is quite lovely by the way, is indeed magic.

He doesn’t seem to be totally disbelieving. I’m determined, however, and when I’m determined don’t get in my way.

My body has paid the price of having a very high energy, very smart, and very determined dog. Maverick knows what he wants and is relentless in pursuit of it. Last night, while the temperature was hovering around a balmy 20 degrees, he wanted to be outside. On the porch. Watching the deer sleep and listening to the squirrels fart. As smart as he is, the concept of freezing to death eludes him. (Apparently he tunes out those stupid ASPCA commercials) (Also, don’t give them your money, donate to your local shelters where it will actually be used to help the animals)

My refusal to allow this behavior was cause for much consternation on his part. I was quite grateful that the bottle of Bailey’s wasn’t empty.

We received a new shipment of freeze dried chicken from Gracie’s Doggie Delights


so on Saturday, when it’s colder than a witch’s tit outside, we shall venture to the park with the Magic Collar and a pocket full of chicken, and attempt this loose leash walking thing. Pray that there are no distractions – like grass, trees, squirrels, leaves, other dogs, air……….

I’ll keep everyone posted.

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10 Responses to Maverick’s magic collar

  1. We have a martingale collar for our puppy….who (or is it “whom”?) I should blog about someday soon. I have mixed feelings about the collar. Perhaps I need better instruction on using it.

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  2. I wish you great success on your walk on Saturday with Maverick. I love reading about his antics, probably wouldn’t find them so entertaining if I was dealing with them in person!

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  3. Bitey Dog says:

    I tried a Martingale with Geordie, and he just laughed and continued doing whatever he wanted. As much as I hated to, I ended up getting him a pinch collar. Basically the dog only pulls once and then understands what the collar does. The problem with having a smart dog is that no matter how much you train them, they know when they are not wearing the pinch collar and will pull. If you decide to try a magic linch collar, I will not judge.


  4. Bitey Dog says:

    Smart, stubborn and sensitive…a difficult combination.

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  5. Good luck with the collar. The dearly departed Simon had a martingale collar. We used it because he was able to back out of regular collars and wouldn’t come once free. He still pulled when walked. That is why Myles is a miniature poodle and not a standard. I couldn’t take the pulling. Myles pulls but when I’ve had enough I can pick him up and carry him. You’re not going to have that option with Maverick;)

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    • I told the Bear that my next dog would be a little one and he laughed. I’m pretty sure Maverick is my last. I’m dreading walking today – between the pulling and the 23 degree temperature, I’m gonna need several adult beverages later


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