Egg Drop Soup and the Kitchen Sink

Ah, Mondays. I didn’t get much sleep on Sunday night – every now and again, I just can’t sleep, and my go-to remedy for that lately has been a hot shower before bed. It didn’t work on Sunday night, so I was still awake at 3:30 am, and had to get up at 8 to get Maverick to daycare at 8:30ish. I came downstairs, let him out, went to the kitchen to make the first cup of coffee and thought, “Why are my feet wet?” I opened the doors under the sink, flood time.

We’ve had a leak under the sink for ages. (Insert minor wife rant here – if he had fixed the damned thing when it started………..) The solution was to put a pan under the drip and since it was also leaking around the faucet, put a cloth there and change it. Every. Flippin. Day. I admit to being a slacker about checking the pan under the sink, so when I saw that it was full, I blamed it on my negligence, cleaned up the mess, put the pan back and went on about my day.

I taught a class at 12:30, sent Bear off to work, and got ready to take my walk. I filled up my water bottle – side note, I have one of those Cirkul bottles and I freakin love that thing. Current flavor is black cherry. Wait, is that racist? Seriously, I love ALL cherries. Except maraschino – they’re just nasty. I digress.

As I was filling my water bottle, I thought maybe I should check under the sink. I don’t know why, intuition? At any rate, I opened the doors and holy fuck me sideways, another flood. Grrrrrrr. I got the flashlight out and I could see the drip was now steady, so I cleaned it all up – again – and put a bigger pan down, then messaged the Bear to find out how to turn off the water.

Later, I ran into a friend who told me that her husband is very good with plumbing. He came up and took a look, told me what to get, we ordered the parts and he’s going to try to fix it today. We’re getting weather and he’s busy so fingers crossed he gets here because meanwhile, I’m washing dishes in the bathroom sink. Hey, it’s not the worst thing to ever happen!

What does this have to do with egg drop soup, you ask? Well. Because of the aforementioned dish washing dilemma, we’re trying to avoid dirty dishes. Last night’s solution was to order Chinese. Bear doesn’t like Chinese so he was on his own – he brought tacos home from work for himself, he didn’t starve, geesh. I got my normal chicken and broccoli, and a big container of egg drop soup for today – in case the sink is still not fixed. I recently had egg drop soup for the first time and loved it. So I was really looking forward to having some with my dinner. I’m not sure if my expectations were too high or what, but it was just sort of bland. I was a bit disappointed, but that was tempered by the fact that I used a paper bowl so I didn’t have to do dishes!

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6 Responses to Egg Drop Soup and the Kitchen Sink

  1. Although I think my current landlord is a jerk (actually, I think he’s a greedy asshole, tbh), there is some peace in renting when something breaks down and needs repaired. Sorry you had such a mess to clean up – twice – but happy that it was only water! I’ve always looked at egg drop soup as wanting to try it, but my go-to is wonton soup. Maybe I’ll try and make egg drop on my own?

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  2. Was your soup from the same place where you had it the first time? Every place has a different recipe or so my tastebuds tell me. Though I love most soups, I’m not a fan of any Chinese soup.
    Water damage no matter how small is a pain. Hoping you got the leak fixed and things sink wise are drying out.

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    • It was from the same place, that was the weird part. I’m not a big fan of Chinese soups either, mostly broth with a few noodles most of the time, but this was good the first time. Oh well. Yes, our friend was here this morning and fixed the sink! I can wash dishes in the kitchen tonight!


  3. I hope your plumbing is a non issue at this point. Washing dishes in any sink other than the kitchen sink is a pain.
    We’ve lost our favorite Chinese restaurant. They closed a few months ago and I miss their food. They were very inconsistent the last year or two much like your soup. I blame different chefs making their own version.

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