Abject failure

There was no magic to be found in the magic collar.

Barely a quarter mile in, we stopped at a bench and put the Canny Collar back on, while Mommah cried and Maverick, in true honey badger form, did not give a fuck.

(yes, Mother, I know that I use that word too much. Right now, I also don’t give a fuck. And I know you would slap me if I said that to your face.)

So it’s looking like it’s time to call in a professional. I’ve tried everything I can think of**, and I know enough to know that nothing is an instant cure so, yes, I’ve given time and effort to this. So the research will begin to find someone I can both work with and afford.

Wish me luck

**Any and all mentions of flexi-leads will be deleted.

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11 Responses to Abject failure

  1. Whether or not you choose to give a fuck and whether or not you choose to share with others whether or not you chose to give a fuck is not your Mother’s business!

    You’ve certainly been patient and willing to try alternative solutions to the problem. I think you’re right, however, that this may be a task that need a professional.

    Good luck! In fact, BEST of luck!

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  2. I was afraid there would be no magic:( Have you ever tried a gentle leader? It’s the head harness thing. I’ve been tempted to give that a try.
    I’ve done two types of dog training with two of my dogs. I hate to say nothing worked for me. Myles is a dog training dropout. Had we stuck it out he’d have been voted class clown. I think he’s smarter than me. I hope you find something that works.

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  3. So perhaps it’s not just me that doesn’t have success with that type of collar. Thank you for sharing. I want to seek professional help for our puppy though Mr. Aitch isn’t quite on board with that…yet. We shall see. I am a poor disciplinarian so I know I need help. The pros around here want the pup to be at least 6 months old. Ours is only 3 1/3 mo this right now.
    As for giving a fuck, give or don’t give. That’s your prerogative. I can honestly say that I NEVER uttered that word around my mother…may she RIP. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t think it around her!

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  4. Bitey Dog says:

    No judgement for calling in a professional. The only way I survived Geordie’s pulling was because he was 20 pounds. He still hurt me plenty despite that.

    If you learn anything in dog training, I hope you will share. Yesterday Toby threw a tantrum and bit me. I can’t figure out what I did wrong with him. Any help will be appreciated! ❤️

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