Yesterday was sewing day. About a year ago, I bought a pattern for a table runner and since one of my friends had given me 73 fat quarters over the summer, I decided to use them for this. (He works at Walmart, they forgot to put out the Christmas fabrics, when they went on clearance for a quarter each, he snagged all of them.) (All 73) (Those of you who sew know what a bargain this was, fat quarters sell for at least $2 each) (I digress)

I cut my fabric and chose the ones I wanted for the runner. Sewing them together was a quick and easy job, cutting and sewing the first border was equally easy. This pattern seemed like a good one for someone who was just learning to sew again.

Off I went to Momma Joan’s house, fabric and pattern – and my partially done runner – in hand. She was excited to try this because she really wants to get back into sewing, (She had a traumatic experience with home ec back in the day, we don’t want to talk about it)

And then we tried to find a time when we could get together to sew.

It’s good to be busy, right? A year later, we finally got together to make this happen. Yesterday afternoon, we got out the fabric squares, I’d cut all the fat quarters into 5 inch squares soon after I got it, so all she had to do was choose which ones she wanted to use. I could see the moment when she realized that half the fun is arranging the blocks and rearranging the blocks and thinking about how you really want the finished product to look.

And then she started sewing. A bit of trouble with keeping the needle threaded – I think it was her crappy old thread – but she was having a great time, keeping those seams at 1/4 inch and pretty damned straight. I was in charge of pressing. (She was quite enchanted with my little craft iron, it is pretty damned cute.) (I’ve been told I have all the fun toys. And yes, yes, I do.)

We got most of the first part done before hunger set in and off to Texas Roadhouse we went, with a stop at Hobby Lobby on the way home for backing fabric. I indulged in a small piece of heavy felt for a doll jacket – on clearance, can’t resist for $1.50.

Our plan is to get together Friday and continue our work. I brought everything of mine home – I may finally get to work on MY runner, which has been up at Momma Joan’s unfinished for a year!

For those of you who don’t know, Momma Joan is 87. She is an inspiration to all of us – imagine wanting to learn something new (or relearn in her case) at that age, and going for it. It was a wonderful day, and the memory is one I will treasure always. Because time spent with someone you love is more precious than any other gift.

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3 Responses to Sewing

  1. It sounds like a wonderful day! I mean, time with a friend doing a hobby you enjoy, Texas Roadhouse for lunch, a stop at Hobby Lobby and a date already set to get together again was an amazing way to use up those hours in day. My bestie and I thought, five years ago, we’d put it in our schedule to having monthly crafting sessions, and she asked me to keep all of the supplies we had at my place since I had the space. I’ve just started going through multiple totes trying to divide everything up into piles of which craft it will be used for. One craft involves 4″ squares cut with pinking sheers, and I’ve been cutting away at a huge mountain of material, which I will then hand off to her for completion of the rest of the craft. That will take away two totes from the pile! I wanted to have it done this year, but things came up. However, my plan is to get the material all cut (I’m about 1/3rd of the way done) by the time spring is upon us. And I don’t even get to enjoy Texas Roadhouse (there is none anywhere near us!)!

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    • I’ve been working my way through piles of scraps, pressing and cutting into 5 inch and 2 1/2 inch squares. Some will go to NY to a friend, some will get used up. I have piles of scrapbook stuff, that I plan to sort over Christmas break. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and it needs to be organized!

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  2. An absolutely great way to spend a day AND you have another day already set. Have fun!

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