Grading and other reasons for drinking

If I ever win a gazillion dollars, of get a full time position teaching, one of my first acts will be to hire a TA. (That’s teaching assistant for you non-academics). I seriously hate grading homework. I used to merely dislike it, but since the Rona pushed everything online, it takes twice as long as it used to in the Before Times. (I miss the Before Times)

Our internet was out from Friday till yesterday (Tuesday) morning. I had to haul my half awake ass to campus and teach a remote class from a conference room there because I couldn’t connect from my usual comfy chair in the dining room at home. (There are a few perks to teaching online, not driving is one of them) (Getting coffee in the middle of class because the kitchen is a few feet away is another)

Consequently, I’m playing catch up with grading homework. Why in the world I assigned these problems is a question that will most likely not be answered, but I suspect that Corn Pop had something to do with it.

That said, there are 13 more submissions in one class, and 15 in the other. (Praise Sweet Baby Jesus I only have two classes this round.) I will, most likely, be drinking heavily this evening, while cursing that students are the bane of my existence and if they would just get this shit right, it wouldn’t take nearly as long for me!

Yet another reason for drinking – the people of my state chose a man who can’t put together a coherent sentence to serve as our Senator. I know, the alternative was no great shakes, but dear Lord, at least he could talk! And y’all up in NY? What the hell? Do you LIKE being locked down, told to wear a mask and get multiple shots forever? Seriously? Hochul? In spite of PA electing Lurch, I’m glad I’m here and not there!

Speaking of the Rona, if you haven’t read The Vision of the Anointed by Thomas Sowell, I suggest you get a copy immediately. I’m working my way through it and find myself thinking how little we’ve learned and how well this applies to Covid policies.

Reason #3 for thanking the Gods that someone invented booze – Maverick has decided that the best way to eat is if I toss his kibble to him one piece at a time. Fortunately, I’m okay with this, because it gets the food into his stubborn little self. I was told by our trainer that this is a terrible idea. I chose to ignore that because said trainer does not deal with the daily frustration of watching a certain sweet puppy turn his nose up at expensive food as if it were poison, nor does she bear the expense of tossing out said food. (Her advice is to leave his bowl down for 15 minutes, then pick it up, wait 1/2 hour and repeat. Maverick would turn this into a contest to see who can hold out the longest and I’m pretty sure he’d win)

Reason #4 – my craft room should be renamed The Black Hole. It has become a bit chaotic in there in the last few months, mostly because of the hoeing out and reorganizing of the spare bedrooms. And by “a bit chaotic” I mean that I can’t find a freakin thing. I’ve bought thread that I know I have, and thrown up my hands in frustration because I can’t find knitting needles and just generally sat and felt totally overwhelmed. So my current occupation is slowly finishing up projectss, using up bits of fabric that people give me because I make doll clothes, ruthlessly tossing fabric bits into what I call the “Kathi box” because I take a donation to my friend Kathi every year when I visit NY. (Her daughter makes amazing things out of bits and bobs of fabric that I would throw out)

Reason #5 – no one in this house can decide what to have for dinner. Rarely, if ever, can that simple question, “what would you like for dinner tonight?” be answered. I am as guilty as the Bear. Why is it so difficult to decide what to eat? I think tonight might just be a hotdog because that and omelettes are my go-to and I don’t have any ham for an omelette.

Reason #5 – do you really need a reason to drink?

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11 Responses to Grading and other reasons for drinking

  1. Bitey Dog says:

    I share your desire to drink. ☹️

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  2. I completely understand your feelings. Things are just crazy. I was surprised to see this article
    That’s wild and explains a lot.
    The poodle we had when I was a child was an opinionated eater. He required being fed Campbell’s chicken noodle soup with a spoon. Otherwise he didn’t eat. Many an evening my mother would say that she’d get dinner when she was finished feeding the dog while sitting on the kitchen floor.

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  3. I can add lots of reasons for drinking but this is your blog and you don’t need me to hijack the comments.
    My latest reason for an adult beverage is that I have at least two sets of curved upholstery needles and I can’t find either one. I “cleaned” my sewing area and therefore can’t remember where I put things. So I bought some more yesterday. I’m recovering two chairs and need to hand sew a small part hence the need for the curved needles.
    Pass the vodka. And make it a double. Please.

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    • I took a 30 minute drive to get a color of thread I know I have. I know this because I have a bobbin full of the color but can’t find the spool. I also have 2 curved needles and I have no clue where they are either. Pass the Irish Mist

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  4. Y’all think YOU need to drink? I broke my jaw in early September and didn’t realize it was broken until my doc sent me for x-rays. I had to jump through 3 big hoops to finally get to someone who could fix it. Surgery on a Monday afternoon and they asked me if I wanted discharged on Tuesday morning??? Got home and got in my car and the engine light came on. This is the $11,000 used car I just purchased in February and already put over $1,000 in so it could be inspected. It sat at the garage for 3 days until the mechanic could get to it. Fortunately, it was only $200. Today I’m headed back to see the oral surgeon (I had to go to a hospital 35 minutes away to get the surgery, so that’s where the surgeon’s office is) to hopefully fix the one hole in my gum where my tongue can feel the metal used to re-piece my jaw together. And I could drink, I suppose, but I started on a medication that changed the taste of a lot of things, and I no longer enjoy alcohol. Oh, and I gave up smoking in April, before all of this fiasco started. Everyone is invited to have a drink on my behalf!

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  5. LDSVenus says:

    I’m so sorry you live there 😛 I had the same reaction, I was “what the heck?” The President and that senator must be twins, regarding their speaking ability, for different reasons. I think those in charge are having a laugh at our expense, sigh.

    I had the same problem with stuff when I changed my bedroom and craft room (craft room needed more light which the bedroom had), it looked like a bomb went off in them, oh my gosh, I wasn’t sure I would ever get them cleaned up! Good thing I’m single and no one around to complain about the mess, I even had stuff in my living room while I changed room and sorted stuff, took a month to get it all sorted out and cleaned up. I did get 10 or 12 large plastic tubs emptied out and lots of stuff tossed, more room for yarn and spinning fiber, yea!!

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