The inmates are running the asylum

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I am so angry and heartbroken that we’ve done this to the elderly. I am livid that we’ve done this to our children. These are the people we’re supposed to protect. How could we let the elderly die alone, without the touch of a loved one? I spent the last years of my parents’ lives with them, 24/7. I held my father’s hand when he took his last breath.

There is no force on this Earth that would have kept me from him. When my mom was in the hospital, and I refused to leave, Nurse Rachet threatened to have security remove me. I told her they damned well better be armed and prepared to use force, I was not leaving my mother. A few hours later, they brought me in a cot.

It astounds me that we fell for this. It astounds me that we were so easily cowed that we let our PARENTS suffer, the people who, for the most part, would have done anything for us. There is no way in HELL my parents would have let anyone tell them they couldn’t see me if I was sick. There is no way in hell anyone would keep me from my family.

Why didn’t we all rise up and refuse this shit? I am heartsick.

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10 Responses to The inmates are running the asylum

  1. I don’t dare get started in response to this, less my ire get revved up. Suffice it to say that, for all of the many times my parents sacrificed for me, I’d sacrifice my health and be with them no matter how it affects me. You’re not wrong.

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    • Thank you. I am so angry about this. I’m angrier at the people who let it happen than at the ones who made it happen, I think. There was zero reason for not allowing a dying person to have family around- if a family member didn’t want to be there, it should have been their choice and no one else’s.

      My brother in law is deaf and extremely good at reading lips. He was totally cut off from communicating with most people – and couldn’t understand why he was forced to wear a mask. His social circle is already small and it was pretty much eliminated

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  2. I was really angry too and I think I finally have reached a point that I don’t want to strangle people. I look at this entire thing as a con. The virus is real but the actions taken have been right out of a con handbook. Each segment of the population was convinced they had to do whatever (get vaxxed, wear a mask, not kill grandma) by preying on their caring about others. The “Karens” were weaponized to keep polite society in line. People were divided by how they reacted to the con. The power hungry were given more power than they ever should have had. The grifters started taking money any possible way and they were enabled to do it by the government. The CNN viewers saw on their screen 24/7 fear porn with death counts. I can forgive people who were preyed upon. I can’t forgive the grifters, con artists and power grabbers. Them I’m still angry about. What we need is for people to see the con. They need to understand that all of us were preyed upon and the criminals are still free and trying to do it again. We can’t let them.

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  3. Bitey Dog says:

    I’ve been looking for work lately. It seems that the only people you are allowed to discriminate against anymore are the incorrigible. A lot of doors are closed to us over this nonsense.

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