I got the shot

No, not THAT one!

I tried to find a gif that would fit in here about how I’m anti vaxx and wow, the only things that came up were about how crazy the Covid anti-vaxxers are. Proganda,anyone?

Anyway. I got a steroid shot to hopefully ease my relentless sciatica pain. I have a very low pain threshold. My 10 is my husband’s 4 – which drives me nuts because how the hell does that numbering system make ANY real sense? “What’s your pain level today, Susan?” Apparently, “It’s at kick you in the nuts if you ask again” is not an acceptable answer. Don’t ask me how I know this.

Sciatica can hit in many different ways. My sciatic nerve is being annoyed by a problem in one of the discs – they were tossing around letters and numbers and my brain went “Satan!” after a bit. Mine is an ache that goes from my butt to my ankle, with random shots of pain that feel like electric shocks that go down my thigh, stop, think about it for a few seconds, during which I think it’s done, and then slam fingers with sharp nails around my thigh and knee before laughing like a maniac and proceeding down to my ankle.

In other words, it fucking hurts.

I’ve been dealing with this for about three months. My doctor, who is a lovely, funny woman, I adore her, sent me to physical therapy. This has been 18 visits at 3 times a week with little improvement.
“What’s your pain level today, Susan?” “Punch you in the face if you ask again” is also not an acceptable answer, by the way. My PT is a nice young man who does mean things to me and makes me do things I don’t want to do. I consider this elder abuse, by the way.

So today was the shot because therapy ain’t working well. I’m surprised that my back actually feels better. I’m still having the thigh and knee cramps but it isn’t an instant cure, it should take a few days to start working, I’m staying hopeful that it works. I’m not good with pain and I take it out on eveyone around me – my normal lack of patience is increase by ten or more. So keep your fingers and toes and paws crossed, my friends!

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21 Responses to I got the shot

  1. Bitey Dog says:

    Ha ha! At first I thought you meant the covid vax, and I wondered what could have persuaded you at this point.

    I hope that you feel increasingly better over the coming days. Is this shot part of a cure or a treatment?

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  2. Sometimes “the shot” is the best treatment. Each of us is different. Hoping it works.

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  3. Peachy says:

    Ouch 😵😨

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  4. Peachy says:

    Hope this shot works a lot better than the other one!!!!!!!!

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  5. I hope you get relief and can live life more comfortably:)

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  6. LDSVenus says:

    I’m sorry that you have been in such pain! I hope the shot keeps helping.
    I have sciatica as well, tho I don’t think it’s near what you are dealing with. Mine is just occasionally and goes from my hip through my buttocks sometimes into my thigh. What I do when it starts to bother me is to sit awkwardly in my recliner (not reclining tho) with the leg of the side of the hip that is bothering me slung over the chair leg while the rest of my rear end is planted in the chair :P, it’s not aggressively stretched out. I guess it stretches out the hip which may be out of alignment. I went to a chiropractor years ago when I was 6 month pregnant with my 3rd child because my hips hurt so bad I could hardly lift my legs. He adjusted my hips and I was amazed, I walked out of his office with no pain. Probably time for me find a good chiropractor here and have them adjusted again.

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