Until I married the Bear, I didn’t have health insurance. I was young, healthy, saw no need. When my appendix ruptured, my parents paid the bill. (Yes, I was that spoiled.) (Judge me not)

I had the normal kinda seasonal stuff – a cold every Winter, a cold every Summer. Some were worse than others.

How do I know one was worse than the other? Because I had more than one and could compare one year to the next.

Along came Covid. Along with Covid came the push to get vaccinated. Many did, many did not. Those who did, and subsequently got Covid, universally have thanked the jab because “without it, I would have been so much sicker!”

One question. Did you ever have Covid? If so, was it before or after the jab? If you never had Covid, and you got the Fauci Ouchie, and then you GOT Covid, you have no basis for comparison, and your statement that you would have been sicker without the jab is without merit.

Why are so many people falling for this false premise? I have had the flu, many times. I had the Russian flu many years ago. I was so sick, I could barely get off the sofa. I had the flu 17 years ago, Bear and I had just gotten married and the kids gave us the flu for Christmas. Or maybe it was a wedding present. 🙂 At any rate, we were both sick for a week or more.

I never got a flu shot. (Note, it is NOT called a “flu vaccine” because it doesn’t stop you getting flu, it just makes it not so awful if you do.) I started getting them when I married Bear. Since then, when I’ve gotten the flu, I have not been as sick as I was when I had not gotten the flu shot.

I have a basis for comparison.

Why does no one seem to see that if you did not have Covid before you got the jab, you can’t say that “it would have been so much worse without it!”

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The Bodies of Others – Naomi Wolf

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11 Responses to Comparisons

  1. I think saying “without it I would have been so much worse” is a fallback. “I got 4 jabs and still got Covid” doesn’t have the same ring.
    I’ve heard good reviews on that book. I plan to read it.

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  2. You make a valid point. My devil’s advocate would offer this: You are in a circle of friends with 3 other people. A dare comes up for each of you to jump from the roof of one 3-story building to the roof of a 3-story building across the street. One person tries it, fails and falls, breaking several bones. The next person tries it, fails and ends up with a serious concussion. A third person tries it, fails and ends up paralyzed. You are up next to do the jump. However, you elect not to try it based on those previous fails. That choice is not because you PERSONALLY that you will fail, nor do you know PERSONALLY what might happen to you if you DO try and fail. You make that choice because you know how it has affected others and you’d rather not take the chance if you can avoid it. I didn’t get the vaccine right away. I then watched a friend suffer from the effects of the virus. I watched another friend lose a parent due to complications of the virus. I decided I’d rather take the vaccine and hope to ‘fail’ at those things happening to me. Enough people had gotten the vaccine without side effects (longer than 24 hours, and mild ones) that I chose what I thought was the lesser of two evils.

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    • I’m not arguing against the vaccine here – although I personally prefer to take my chances with Covid after seeing way too many stories of bad reactions to the shot. I’m saying that “I would have been so much sicker!” is an invalid argument unless you have a base of comparison. I’ve had the flu before and after getting a flu sho


      • Damned thing sent before I was finished. I’ve had the flu before and after getting a flu shot – I know that I was sicker without the shot. If you haven’t had Covid before and after, (you being anyone, not you in particular) you can’t make that comparison. I see it constantly and it makes me want to scream. If someone wants to get the shot, that’s their decision, but don’t give me this as a justification for it.
        As someone else said, it sounds better than saying “I got 4 boosters and constantly mask and distance and still got Covid so I don’t think it did much good.”

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  3. Yeah, I don’t get that argument either. The nasty Covid virus has mutated so much that how can one say “it would have been worse”?

    Always looking for good reading recommendations.

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    • That’s why they call it a “flu shot” and not a vaccine. Flu changes every year as well. One of my friends was hospitalized and nearly died several years ago from the flu, so yes, the comparison between the flu and Covid is valid.
      Reading recommendations tend to send me straight to Amazon- no self control when it comes to buying books!


  4. I always thought that statement was weird too. I got COVID after two shots, but before I’d gotten the booster. I have no way of knowing whether this meant that the vaccine didn’t work because I still got it, or whether the vaccine did work because I would have gotten a much worse case without it. No one knows and everyone will just attribute this single data point to whatever their position on the COVID vaccine already was.


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