Show me the way to go home

I’m tired and I want to go to bed. In my bed. With my Bear. And my blankets. And my puppy stealing my huggin bear.

One more sleep and I’m home. Today I drove for another 2.5 hours to spend the day with a friend I’ve known forever and just met a few years ago. We met online on a soap opera message board (don’t judge). Bear was working 3-11, I didn’t know anyone and was a bit scared of the neighbors, so after dark fell, I would close the curtains and lock the doors and get online. We would discuss Brooke Logan and Nikki Newman and all the other characters and just have a good time. After a few years, we wandered to our own little message board and there we’ve been ever since. When Covid hit, I decided it was time we met, since it would be just a short detour on my trip to NY. Three years ago we met the first time and now it’s a tradition.

We went to a craft fair and bought a few things. Then she asked if I liked carousels. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! I LOVE carousels. So off we went. Endicott, NY is apparently famous for carousels. I thought they would just be something you could see, take pictures, walk around. But NOOOOOOOOo, you can RIDE on them!!!!!!!!!!!! They work!!!!!!!!!!!

I was like a 4 year old kid again. I laughed so much, my heart felt so full of joy, it was just wonderful! Each one was better than the last. We went to a nursery and I bought a few plants, to the bookstore and I bought a couple of books, had some good food, and back to the motel for the night.

I’m exhausted. It was a long week, a lot of driving, I’d be willing to pay someone to drive me home tomorrow so I could just sleep the whole way, but it’s only 4 hours, I hope to be home by noon, but 1 is more realistic. A shower, some good coffee, lunch, and a nap are in my future. I have physical therapy at 4 and will probably be beaten up because I’ve done little all week. Bear will pick up Maverick and the reunion will be epic. And I’ll be home, in my bed, snoring my head off, by midnight.

I can’t wait.

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4 Responses to Show me the way to go home

  1. It sounds like you’ve had a much better trip this year. I know that feeling of just wanting to be home in your own bed. Have a safe trip home:)

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  2. Bitey Dog says:

    Have a safe trip!

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  3. You are not the only one who feels like, as a vacation comes to an end, that you need a vacation from your vacation! However, the tiredness will pass, and it sounds like you have wonderful memories that you’ll get to keep! When you’re feeling tired the next few days, just remember how it felt to be going ’round in circles on those carousels and you’ll find your energy again!


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